Troubleshoot Common Issues

I cannot see any signals on the forex signals page.


– You have not logged into your WorldStar Signals account.

– Your membership is expired or not active.

Solution: Check to see if you have logged in successfully by visiting this URL:

If you see your e-mail, it means you have logged in successfully. Also be sure to check to see if your latest payment went through. If you still are having trouble with this issue, contact us immediately.


I am not receiving any e-mail alerts.


– You have accidentally or intentionally unsubscribed from our alerts list.

– Your e-mail server is filtering our e-mails.

Solution: Contact us with your e-mail and we will re-add you to our mailing system.

Go to your e-mail servers filter settings and be sure to whitelist all e-mails coming from WorldStar Signals.


I am trying to login to my account but it’s saying my password is wrong.


– You have forgotten your password.

Solution: Click “Forgot Password” from the login screen and it will allow you to set a new password. Note that you can also contact us and we can set a new password for you as well.


My app is stuck at the loading sign.


– Your device is not connected to the internet or has an unstable internet connection.

– Your device is using an outdated operating system.

Solution: Check to see that you have an internet connection and that it is stable. You can check the bandwidth from your phone/tablets settings.

Be sure that you have updated your operating system.

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